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I most recently finished Laura Lippman’s, I’d Know You Anywhere, and unlike many critics, I liked it.  Yes, the protagonist is passive to a fault and her reliability is questionable, but isn’t that what makes this book nitty-gritty?  Those who say the book is not suspenseful seem to be forgetting that the topic is based on a true story.  I think Lippman does a phenomenal job making Eliza’s character dynamic and an even better job at delving into the criminal mind of Walter.  I do wish we could get more of his thoughts, but the book is more about “getting back to normal” than focusing on the tragic event itself.  I suggest this book for anyone who enjoys crime novels, but also for those who are looking for a light-read with believable characters and situations.  It’s a story based on reality and one that is completely believable.  For this, I think it needs more consideration.


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