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The World In My Backyard

In my backyard are memories of my 15 brothers and sisters, and even though they stayed only a year or less, they left a piece of themselves, and took a slice of me with them to Germany, Thailand, Turkey, Brazil, Ukraine, Jordan, Columbia, Japan, South Korea, France, and Spain.  I can’t afford to travel to such places, but I don’t need to.  I can’t afford to send my child to an international school, but I don’t have to.  The world comes to me.  And one exchange student at a time, this world will gradually become a more peaceful place.  Please see some of the students that are coming here on full-ride scholarships from the Department of State.  Considering hosting one of these students, or welcoming them for a few weeks.  Copy and paste this URL:  file:///Users/michelle/Documents/FLAG/IndianaExchangeStudents.htm


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