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When was the last new genre of writing introduced?  Too long to recall.  But our generation has invented this new genre that is like a cross between a prose poem and a short story.  And as one of my classmates said, we are a culture of obsessed with making things smaller and quicker.  Hence, flash fiction is the epitome of our time and people are quickly catching the bug.

I attended a flash fiction course at the Indiana Writer’s Center and my instructor, Sara Layden (, taught me what flash fiction is and isn’t.

  • It is of all plot outlines–some circular, some even inverted check marks.
  • It is supported with backstory.
  • It is suspenseful with “smart surprises.”
  • It is carefully chosen words that carry heavy meaning.
  • It is revised and chunked away piece-by-piece.
  • It isn’t easy.

To see some awesome examples check out Steve Almond at this link:


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