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Review of Annabel, by Kathleen Winter

Told from a 3rd person omniscient narrator, Annabel is about a hermaphrodite raised as a boy, only to later feel more feminine and thus confused.  I appreciated that Winter told this story from the point of view of everyone involved:  the mother, the father, the friend, the hermaphrodite.  I wanted to read this book because hermaphroditism (-ism seems just wrong to use, but for the sake of medical terminology let’s stick with it) is something with which I am only acquainted.  And, while I am still no expert, I have learned.  The book stays up to speed with adequate rises and falls in plot.  My only complaint is the last line (Annabel_Kathleen_Winterwhich I will leave out because I don’t want to spoil anything) but, let’s just say it was forced and I simply could have done without it.


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