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Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn

I had to see what all of the hype was about, and indeed it was warranted.  So, without giving too much away… you have two seemingly normal people in a seemingly normal relationship.  They fight, they tease, they lie, they cheat.  But the story takes a dark turn and you realize that these normal people are beyond help.  I loved how real this book was, but it contrasted with the desperate measures these two people take.  On one hand you can relate and on another it’s as if these two protagonists are on a different planet.  Amy’s sudden change of voice is sharp and cut-throat that even her audience tiptoes through the lines. Men or women would enjoy this read, but only if they can handle the grit and truth that is it’s foundation.  Now for some quotes:

“…of course if he had presented the problem to me like I wasn’t his enemy, that’s what I would have said.  But he came out of the door already treating me like a problem that needed to be dealt with.  I was the bitter voice that needed to be squelched.”

“They deserve to suffer too.  If you can’t take care of me while I’m alive, you have made me dead anyway.  Just like Nick, who destroyed and rejected the real me a pice at a time–you’re too serious, Amy, you’re too uptight, Amy, you overthink things, you analyze too much, you’re no fun anymore, make me feel useless, Amy you make me feel bad, Amy.  He took away chunks of me with blase swipes:  my independence, my pride, my esteem.  I gave, and he took and took.  He Giving Treed me out of existence.”

“You just want an excuse to stay,” she whispered.  “You two, you’re fucking addicted to each other.  You are literally going to be a nuclear family, you do know that?  You will explode.  You will fucking detonate.”


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