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The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins


A little late in the game reading this one, as the movie has been out for some time now, but I heard from a good friend that the book was so good she couldn’t put it down.  I loved Gone Girl and I loved The Girl On the Train too.  It’s a mystery from beginning to the near end (this one has a resolution).  Protagonist Rachel misses her old life and has allowed alcohol consumer her present life.  Black outs prevent her from remembering chunks of her life and this becomes the center of the book.  What did she see?  What did she do?  How did Megan go missing?  What role did Rachel play?  As Rachel’s past life collides with her present one, the answers are eventually revealed.  A great, clever novel.  Hawkins keeps readers on their toes through this one, making them look back into the book for more clues that they might have missed the first time around.  Definitely read this one!

“I can’t do this, I can’t just be a wife. I don’t understand how anyone does it—there is literally nothing to do but wait. Wait for a man to come home and love you. Either that or look around for something to distract you.”

“I want to drag knives over my skin, just to feel something other than shame, but I’m not even brave enough for that”

“She must be very secure in herself, I suppose, in them, for it not to bother her, to walk where another woman has walked before. She obviously doesn’t think of me as a threat. I think about Ted Hughes, moving Assia Wevill into the home he’d shared with Plath, of her wearing Sylvia’s clothes, brushing her hair with the same brush. I want to ring Anna up and remind her that Assia ended up with her head in the oven, just like Sylvia did.”

“I’ve been the fool. If he does it with you, he’ll do it to you.”

“You’re like one of those dogs, the unwanted ones that have been mistreated all their lives. You can kick them and kick them, but they’ll still come back to you, cringing and wagging their tails. Begging. Hoping that this time it’ll be different, that this time they’ll do something right and you’ll love them.”


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