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Bridget Jones’ Baby: Bridget Jones Diary#4 by Helen Fielding


Hilarious!  I’m already in love with all of the movies (although I’ve not read all of the books), so I’m a fan at heart.  I laughed my butt off.  Bridget stays true to her clueless, innocent personality while Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver are equally true to character.  Bridget still is featured on Sit-Up Britain and work is not all it seems to be.  I like these books/movies because they sum up seamlessly at the end.  Every unfinished story completes itself by the end of the novel.  This is a light read for sure, but we all need one of those every now and then.  Take a break and pick this one up.

Favorite quotes:

“When someone leaves you, apart from missing them, apart from the fact that the whole little world you’ve created together collapses, and that everything you see or do reminds you of them, the worst is the thought that they tried you out and, in the end, the whole sum of parts adds up to you got stamped REJECT by the one you love. How can you not be left with the personal confidence of a passed over British Rail sandwich?”

“I like you very much. Just as you are.”

“Why, when people are leaving their partners because they’re having an affair with someone else, do they think it will seem better to pretend there is no one else involved? Do they think it will be less hurtful for their partners to think they just walked out because they couldn’t stand them any more and then had the good fortune to meet some tall Omar Sharif-figure…”

“Bridget Jones, wanton sex goddess, with a very bad man between her thighs… Mum… Hi.”


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