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Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

dark places

Flynn does it again.  I read this book in 3 days while on vacation, and followed it up by the movie.  Like most books, the movie didn’t quite measure up, but this book was one I just couldn’t put down.  Flynn is a master at using flashback and the unreliable narrator to lure in her reader.  I’m a fan of true crime novels and this story seemed real to its very core.  Each detail is important to the plot so attention is key.  Don’t expect a lot of time spent on description.  If you enjoyed Flynn’s other novels, this one is no different.  Pay attention, take notes and dive into the text.


Quotes I love:

“I have a meanness inside me, real as an organ. Slit me at my belly and it might slide out, meaty and dark, drop on the floor so you could stomp on it.”

“There are few phrases that annoy me more than I won’t bite. The only line that pisses me off faster is when some drunk, ham-faced dude in a bar sees me trying to get past him and barks: Smile,it can’t be that bad! Yeah, actually, it can, jackwad.”

“When I was fourteen, I thought a lot about killing myself—it’s a hobby today, but at age fourteen it was a vocation. On a September morning, just after school started, I’d gotten Diane’s .44 Magnum and held it, babylike, in my lap for hours. What an indulgence it would be, to just blow off my head, all my mean spirits disappearing with a gun blast, like blowing a seedy dandelion apart. But I thought about Diane, and her coming home to my small torso and a red wall, and I couldn’t do it. It’s probably why I was so hateful to her, she kept me from what I wanted the most.”

“Do you understand this is serious?”
“I understand you think it’s serious.”

“I hate people who start conversations with facts – what are you supposed to do with that? Sure is hot today. Yes, it is.”



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